Pool Fences
Frameless pool fences are similar to frameless balustrades without the top rail. If any sides of your pool has a greater fall than 1 meter from the pool deck to the ground below, a Top Rail is required.
Semi frameless
is similar to balustrading and normally has a top rail. The height of all pool fencing is 1200mm minimum, whereas balustrading is only required to be 1000mm minimum.
Vertical bars
are also an option for pool fences. All the above fences we can manufacture using glass, stainless steel or aluminium.
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Frameless Glass Balustrades
Frameless glass balustrading normally refers to having no surrounding material (stainless steel or aluminium) on at least three of the four sides of each panel. Australian standards require a top rail on every balustrade protecting a fall of greater than 1 meter (1000mm), thus a top rail sits on top of the balustrading (see photo at left) or it can be an offset rail attached to the inside of the glass.
The glass panels are often supported by spigots (or mini posts). The glass we use is 12mm clear toughened glass and panels spans are up to 1500mm wide, depending on the length of run.

Semi Frameless Glass
Semi frameless balustrading has a post between each panel and a top rail attached to the posts. The glass panel sit between each post with an air gap of 50 - 80mm between the top rail and glass and glass to deck. Glass can be mounted directly into the posts or suspended between four glass clamps. Posts can be flat bar (10mm x 50mm), round, square or rectangular. They can be made from stainless steel, powder coated aluminium or powder coated steel.
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